Inclusive Technology

Stretchy Tech is an inclusive technology provider focused on the take up of leading edge mainstream technology by people living with disability.

Stretchy Tech provides home automation, assistive and inclusive technology services in the disability sector which:  

  • increase personal authority, independence, dignity, wellbeing and connection to community for people of all abilities
  • enhance user’s social capital and doesn’t set them apart as different than their friends and family

Focus on understanding and responding to individual’s needs, goals and aspirations.

Provide tailored technology devices; we set them up, train individuals, families and their support workers.

We make sure our clients are supported and the technology we provide is maintained and adapted as needed to ensure it is not abandoned or discarded.

Who is Stretchy Tech

We are one of Australia’s leading in-house teams skilled in assessing, prescribing, installing and adapting technology to achieve the goals of people living with disability. 

Stretchy Tech provides an integrated technology service through in-house specialised occupational therapy and technical services. 

Our team is skilled at working with people living with all types of disability or impairment. We work directly with individuals as well as offering a specialist consultancy service to Service Planners, OT’s, Personal Support Agencies and Government.

Our approach is to uses the best-of-class technology to achieve life changing results for individuals. 

How does Stretchy Tech work?

We provide technology solutions which are simple, discrete, contemporary and joined-up.

We focus on achieving access and inclusion goals for individuals. We work alongside individuals to achieve their priorities and to make decisions.
Our solutions avoid setting-you-apart as different or as a recipient of specialised or medical equipment. We provide technology that makes your home look and feel like a regular house, free from medical and institutional looking devices.

We provide technology that operates across all aspects of your life - in your home but also when they are out in community.

In addition to home automation, we offer a range of Access, Inclusion and Lifestyle packages. These packages use technology to assist people to achieve their goals.

Access, Inclusion and Lifestyle Packages

pic1.pngFatigue Management Package                                
Stay active but monitor your limitations. Keep a record of how you are feeling, monitor sleep and increase mindfulness.

pic2.pngMental Wellness Package                                
Look after your mental health and enhance positive head space. Monitor and log your moods and energy levels. Train your mind to be in the here and now and worry less about the past and future.

pic3.pngMemory Enhancement and Prompt Package                        
Train and develop your brain. Receive reminder and prompts discreetly for daily living and lifestyle.

zen.pngZen Package                                        
Get assistance to calm your sensory system, manage mood, anger and frustrations. Take a moment, dim and change light colour, change your environment, enjoy calming sounds, get guided meditation and                                 mindfulness.

Communication.pngCommunication and Productivity Package                        
Take your notes, record conversations you want to recall, write emails, text messages, communicate with family, friends and support workers.

fitness.pngFitness Activity Monitoring Package                             
Be active in your community set goals and work to
achieve fitness levels.

home auto.pngHome Automation Package                                
Control your doors, blinds, air conditioner, windows, fans, and see who is at your door. Operate your television, music, lights & taps.

tailoring.pngAccess Tailoring Package                                
Get assistance to access your home, phone, smart devices, computer etc. Improve your independence and function by being able to do more yourself by individualising a device to your ability and strengths.
flower.pngGardener’s Package  
Access and control your garden watering; manually, remotely or automatically. Receive information about when to water and for how long, what to plant, when to prune and other garden advice.

meal.pngMeal Time and Shopping Management Package                    
Get reminders about when to eat, be supported in what to eat, how to plan shopping lists and food preparation. Make food preparation as easy as possible. Choose meal suggestions, recall recipes and receive step by                     step guides. Get food delivered to your door if you choose.

animals.pngAnimal Care Package                                    
Monitor and care for your pets and animals. Check on their welfare remotely, at night or from the comfort of your home.

cleaning.pngCleaning Up Package                                    
Accessible cleaning devices, and robotic vacuum cleaning. Prompts to assist with cleaning practices. Access to washing and clothes dryers.

coffee.pngCommunity Connection Package                            
Organise your outings, keep in contact with your friends, get reminders, book transport, find your way, order food, book tickets, make reservations and stay safe.

cars.pngCar Enthusiast Package                                    
Get back to working on your car, access your vehicle and tools. Get motor vehicle related information and connect to people with the same interests.

art.pngArt and Media Production Package                            
Release or enhance your artistry. We will help you create by hand, switches, mouth, and foot or any way you can.

These packages are the starting point for tailored discussion with people living with intellectual, physical, sensory disabilities or acquired brain injury.  Packages also benefit people who are aging or marginalised.

Further Information: 
Telephone: 1300 857 327